Welcome to Trainings as a Service,
Need a Job in MNC we will provide 100% job Guarantee training job in 90 to 180 days

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Welcome to Trainings as a Service,
Need a Job in MNC we will provide 100% job Guarantee training job in 90 to 180 days

Call:91-9666019191 For Enquiries!

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Tosca Training in Hyderabad

TOSCA is an automation tool for functional and regression testing of various software products. It also includes GUI, CLI (command line interface), integrated test management, and API. The tool was developed by TRICENTIS Technology & Consulting GmbH, the Austrian company.

The tool is created in VB6, C#, and Java. It can be used by the testers who have no programming skills and knowledge. It contains the ready-to-use configuration for testing business application SAP and Siebel CRM.

The tool supports a range of programming languages such as Delphi, .NET, WPF, Java Swing, Visual Basic, etc. It can be used for Explorer and Firefox web browsers. PowerBuilder and Gupta are the environments for application development.

With the help of this tool, the test cases can be developed by drag&droping the modules and inputting the values for validations. Test cases can be created, modified and automated by non-technical users.

TOSCA Testsuite generates dynamic and synthetic test data. It handles and executes not only manual and automated testing but also GUI as well as non-GUI tests. The tool provides rather detailed reports that show how the weak points of the system under test affect the fulfilment of specified requirements.


Introduction to Automation                                                  

  1.       What is automation
  2.       When and Why automation
  3.       Advantages and Disadvantages

Introduction to TOSCA                                                             

  1.       Brief intro on other tools (UFT, Selenium)
  2.       Pros & Cons of other tools
  3.       TOSCA introduction


Installation / Setup                                                                    

  1.       System Requirements
  2.       The process to install Tosca
  3.       Import Standard Module
  4.       Types of Licenses

Tosca Commander                                                                     

  1.       Tosca Addons/Sections
  2.       Requirements
  3.       Modules
  4.       TestCases
  5.       Execution List
  6.       Test Case Design


  1.       Checkin, Checkout and UpdateAll

Record / Playback                                                                      

  1.       Record and playback features
  2.       Generate script via recording

Modules and Test Cases Section                                          

  1.       What is Object Identification 
  2.       How Tosca identifies objects
  3.       How to scan and create a module
  4.       Create a basic test case
  5.       Various methods for Object Identification
  6.       By Properties
  7.       By Anchor
  8.       By Image
  9.       By Index
  10.       Exercises

Action Modes

  1.       Working with various action modes
  2.       Input
  3.       Verify
  4.       Walton
  5.       Buffer
  6.       Select
  7.       Constraint
  8.       Exercises


  1.       Walton
  2.       Default Settings
  3.       Static Wait

Standard Modules

  1.       Buffer Operations
  2.       How to set buffer
  3.       How to delete a buffer
  4.       Partial buffer
  5.       Expression Evaluator
  6.       Window Operations
  7.       Send Keys
  8.       Window Operations
  9.       Process Operations

Arithmetic Operations, String Operations, Dynamic Expressions

  1.       MATH
  2.       Arithmetic operations
  3.       Min, Max, Round, Truncate etc
  4.       CALC
  5.       Len
  6.       Substitute
  7.       Trim
  8.       Random Numbers, RandomText

Date Operations

  1.       System date
  2.       Setting dynamic date
  3.       Formatting date in the required format

Reusable Test Step Blocks

  1.       Business Parameters
  2.       How to create and use Libraries
  3.       Exercises

Conditions and Loops

  1.       Conditional Statement
  2.       If Else Condition
  3.       Repetitions (Loops)

Working with Tables

  1.       Use of Constraint
  2.       Dynamic handling of data
  3.       DB Expert module


Classic Engine

  1.       Usage of Classic modules
  2.       AidPack

Working with Excel

  1.       Input data to Excel file
  2.       Verify excel data etc

Test Case Design

  1.       Create data in TCD
  2.       Mapping and Template conversion
  3.       Generating test cases from Instances
  4.       Linear Expansion and All Combinations
  5.       Exercises

More on Modules

  1.       Adding Technical parameters
  2.       Steering parameters
  3.       Dynamic handling of Objects

Execution List

  1.       Create an execution set
  2.       Test Cases linking to execution set
  3.       Execution Results

Risk-Based Approach

  1.       Create Requirements
  2.       Frequency and Damage Class
  3.       Calculate Risk
  4.       Testcases mapping to Requirements
  5.       ExecutionList mapping to Requirements

Recovery Scenarios and Reporting

  1.       Recovery Scenario
  2.       Clean up Scenario
  3.       Generate Report


  1.  Project creation using all the sections discussed above as done in real-time based on Tricentis Standards.

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