Steps need to be performed under Automation

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  1. Identify all the requirements.
  2. Prepare the test cases and identify the test data.
  3. Feasibility analysis of automation tool.
  4. Identify which of the scenarios need to be automated.
  5. Involving in the preparation of test plan automation.
  6. Identify the best framework which suits for the requirement.
  7. Prepare the ROI (return on investment) for the scenarios prepared for automation.
  8. Prepare generic scripts.
  9. Prepare business functions and business scripts.
  10. Prepare the automation framework.
  11. Using business functions and generic functions, convert the manual test cases into automated test scripts.
  12. Enhance the scripts to have more coverage from the test data using data driven scripts.
  13. Verify or review the automated scripts.
  14. Enhance the scripts.
  • By adding comments
  • By file logging
  • Adding results in log files.
  • Recovery scenarios or exception handling
  • Results collection
  • Report generation
  • Report or result analysis
  1. In the same process using framework convert all the plan test cases which need to be automated.
  2. Identify how to execute the framework to setup on configuration files.
  3. Verify the automation framework on different configurations.
  4. If there are any problems coming in execution those need to be resolved.
  5. Coverage of automation framework need to be enhanced.
  6. Prepare automation user guide.
  7. Review the user guide and suggest if there are any enhancements.
  8. Provide some training for all the team members how to use automation suit.
  9. Identify the regression suites which need to be verified for that cycle and execute from the automated suit.
  10. Verify the results.
  11. Update the results to test management tool.
  12. Analyze the regression suit if there are any failed scenarios verify once.
  13. Calculate the metrics from the automation prospective.
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