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About Appsmith

Appsmith is a global open source project with users in 97+ countries. We are an open-source low code platform that is used by companies to build internal enterprise apps.
We are a fully remote organization building a distributed team across the globe.

See our GitHub repo here:

Company Vision

The best companies in the world have the best internal applications which enable their
employees to excel and be more productive.
In the future custom software developed for internal users will look and work no
differently than the best out-of-the-box SAAS products of the future. Internal users will
demand great UX, great customer support, and great reliability from their in-house
development teams.

Appsmith is the easiest way to build polished custom internal applications. Our product
will enable developers to build, deploy and maintain custom software quickly and
painlessly. We’ll be the first port of call for developers when they are tasked with
building internal apps because we’ll increase the speed of development, testing, and
iteration by 10X.

What do we value?

Above all, we value a growth mindset. As a team of learners, we read, talk to people
and listen to feedback constantly. We love working with people who have strong
opinions, weakly held.
Self starters and ambitious people form the backbone of our team. Do you want to work
on bigger projects? Are you comfortable setting large goals and then accomplishing
We value consistency and reliability. For example, sticking to committed deadlines,
showing up on time etc. We believe that predictability makes teams run a lot smoother.
It’s the little things that matter. Attention to detail shows that we empathize with our
users, our colleagues and anyone else that we interact with.
Are you a practical optimist? Our founding team strongly believes in a better future. We
believe in playing our part to make that future a reality.

What will you be doing?

We strongly believe in the concept of “smart backends, dumb frontends”. You will be
responsible for designing the intelligence and configuration that drives all complex
frontend UIs. Since our product must be extensible, you will architect and design a plugin-based
platform that seamlessly allows the addition and configuration of any new 3rd party
integrations or plugins while ensuring that they work well with the rest of the ecosystem.

All our team members claim ownership of both code and outcome. Hence, you will be
responsible for deploying and managing your code, not only in a cloud infrastructure like
AWS but also in multiple self-hosted deployments.

Must Have Skills

  • A strong grasp of server-side programming languages like Python / Java is a

must. Since these will be our primary languages of choice, prior work experience
in these languages will help you ramp up quickly with the rest of the team.

  • An extremely good working knowledge of relational database systems

(MySQL/PostgreSQL) or NoSQL databases such as MongoDB.

  • Being able to understand & design REST APIs is critical to ensure any

reasonably complex functionality within the product.

  • Working knowledge of cloud infrastructure providers such as AWS / Azure.

Nice To Have Skills

  • A basic knowledge of client-side frameworks such as React.js/Angular will help

you move across the stack and make you a prolific team player.

  • Working knowledge of HTML & CSS will ensure that you can single-handedly

create those pixel-perfect pages with ease.

  • A grasp of DevOps tools such as Terraform, Ansible will earn you the respect of

the team and our users.

  • Open-source contributions to any project are a bonus.
  • Bonus points for working knowledge of container technologies like Docker / Rkt.

Remote working: *Appsmith is a fully distributed and remote team.


Budget to set up your home office
Self-education budget for books, courses, and conferences
Flexible holiday schedule

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